Senate ready for freshmen voice

Every fall, the Student Government Association holds a separate election to elect five incoming freshmen to the senate. This year’s election will take place on Sept. 7 and 8.

Since 2009, SGA has left five open seats for freshmen because of the special kind of perspective and ideas they bring to the senate. Michelle Forlenza, SGA secretary for public relations, refers to their perspective as a “refreshing excitement.”

“These students are ready to get involved and ready to make a difference,” Forlenza said.

Freshmen students have until Sept. 1 to submit an application to the SGA offices. Along with the application, students were required to collect 50 signatures from other students across campus. Although it is not required, candidates are allowed to run a campaign to promote their candidacy around the university. Two candidates did take advantage of the Aug. 29 SGA meeting to introduce themselves to the existing senate and executive board.

Even though they are new to student government and to the university, freshmen bring many new things to the table, including a voice for the freshmen class.

According to Forlenza, in the past, freshmen have worked together to write multiple resolutions throughout the academic year. Specifically last year, the five freshmen senate members worked on a resolution for a ride-sharing program at NKU.

Ride sharing is a way for commuters to carpool to campus with other commuters and also a way for students without cars to connect with those who do. Eastern Kentucky University and the University of Kentucky are two nearby campuses that have already put a ride-sharing program in place.

The process of voting is the same as all other SGA elections — online and across campus during the stated voting time period. To vote, students will need their All-Card and ISO number, which is located on students’ All-Cards.
This year’s election will be Sept. 7 and 8.

For more information on freshman elections, visit the SGA website at or email Michelle Forlenza at