Votruba announces retirement

Months after announcing his decision to apply for Division-I status with the NCAA, Northern Kentucky University President James Votruba announced his intent to retire.

Votruba said he and his wife, Rachel, would like to achieve more balance in their lives. He said he intends to stay at NKU to teach educational leadership in the doctoral program.

“The university is strong and well positioned for the times in which we live,” Votruba said. “It’s also the case that at this point in our lives, Rachel and I would like to achieve a better balance and a bit more freedom in our lives. This isn’t easy with the responsibilities that attach to being president.”

In her introduction, Provost Gail Wells said 15 years ago Votruba “set about transforming a young NKU with great potential into a metropolitan university.”

“Under his outstanding leadership, NKU has become just that: A vibrant, mature metropolitan university,” Wells said.

Since joining NKU, Votruba has seen college enrollment increase and admissions requirements increase. He said Friday that he expects the university to announce a conference selection for Division I sports by the end of the semester.

Regent Terry Mann said a search committee of 14 people, four from the Board of Regents, will be created.

He said the Board of Regents will not dominate the search, but will have solicit input from faculty, staff, students and the community around NKU.

He said a web site will be launched within two weeks that will provide updates in the search for a new president.

Mann said that information about candidates will be kept confidential to protect candidates until the pool is narrowed to finalists. NKU expects to announce the next president in March 2012.