SGA can matter

Let’s make them matter. Sure, most students would probably agree that the Student Government Association at Northern Kentucky University is really a waste of time.

Instead of scoffing at them and their self-importance, why don’t we all come together and decide that we want them to step it up next year? I challenge you to let SGA know what you expect from them next year by telling them during the campaign. At 5:30 p.m. Monday, March 28, in Student Union 104, The Northerner will present an opportunity for you to question SGA hopefuls in the first SGA Debate.

Listen, SGAs can accomplish a lot — or they can accomplish little. Unfortunately, in my years at NKU, I’ve noticed that our SGA tended to be closer to the bottom of that spectrum.

At my undergraduate institution, our SGA was able to accomplish much more. They created more student-focused positions in the university administration. They had a position with the SGA dedicated to taking on personal battles of other students and helped them navigate to success within the administration.

They defended students charged with university offenses. They responded to specific student wants — even if unpopular. They got the alcohol policy changed. Students even successfully rallied for an end to tuition increases. But this isn’t about another SGA; it’s about ours.

I covered SGA for a large part of this year. They are hardworking leaders which I have come to respect a lot. They have the talent, ability and desire to accomplish more than any SGA I’ve seen or worked with. They have done amazing work with the Campus Recreation Center.

But, they just aren’t doing a whole lot. I have a couple theories as to why, like the meddling of SGA administrators, but that’s not the point. The point is, you can have an organization that genuinely stands up for you instead of bestowing titles and feigning student support for what the administration wanted anyway. The people there now can do that if you just give them the push.

Come to the debate and let them know what you really want them to do. They can accomplish it. They just need the pressure.

Editorial by Jesse Call