‘Rejected Show’ for left-out art students

Northern Kentucky University opened its newest art gallery show, the “Juried Student’s Exhibition,” with work from students from NKU’s visual arts department. But what about the pieces that didn’t make it in to the show? Have no fear for the “Rejected Show” is here.

Kaylee Bustillos, the president of Next Generation Artists, created a gallery show for the artworks that were not accepted into the “Juried Student’s Exhibition.” Next Generation Artists is an NKU club that brings together students who share a love for art.

The artwork on display includes printmaking, photography, mixed media and sculpture. It’s not a lack of talent that kept these art pieces out of the “Juried” show; it was a lack of space and issues with hanging artwork, due to the materials used to create the pieces. The “Rejected Show” is all about giving NKU visual arts students another chance to display their artwork.

“Just because their stuff didn’t work down here doesn’t mean we can’t try to make it work upstairs,” Bustillos said.

According to Brad McCombs, assistant professor of new media art at NKU, rejection art shows serve as a another way for artists’ work to be seen, and the shows have a long, important history within the world of art.

“I think if you look historically, it’s something that artists have been doing throughout history, if they weren’t accepted into a particular show, that actually new art movements have started this way,” McCombs said. “So I think it’s a really valid response.”

The “Rejected Show” will be on display from March 17 through April 1 in the Fishbowl Student Gallery on the third floor the Fine Arts Building. The gallery is operated by students and displays student work throughout the semester.

Story by Shawn Buckenmeyer