SGA plans tuition rally

Northern Kentucky University’s Student Government Association invites students to attend the Rally for Higher Education Information. The rally takes place Tuesday, March 1. It is an annual event sponsored by the Board of Student Body Presidents — a board consisting of the student body presidents of the eight public universities in the state — that reminds legislators that higher education funding is important in Kentucky.

“A lot of times young people are not taken as seriously,” said SGA President Kevin Golden. “We are 18 and we can vote, so it’s just kind of a reminder to them each year to keep funding higher education that will propel growth in the state and help increase productivity.”

The invitation to attend is open to the entire student body and any student interested in attending the event should stop by the Dean of Students Office located in SU 301. Students can also e-mail the Student Government Association with their name and phone number to

An e-mail will go out to attending students a few days before the event explaining all of the details.

SGA also passed the resolution requesting that the university properly light the flags located in the Central Plaza, outside Steely Library.
The resolution cites the United States Flag Code and says that Northern Kentucky University does not have the required lighting to keep the flags up at night. SGA would like the university to provide adequate lighting or take the flags down at night.

“I think bringing it to the administration’s attention is the best thing we can do,” Golden said. “Finding out if the master plan calls for a plaza renovation; if they cite that as a reason not to provide the lighting, then maybe we can work with a veterans group or some sort of group on campus to have it lowered each night.”

The United States Flag Code states that the flag may be displayed at night, but only if the flag is properly illuminated; otherwise, it is required by the code to be taken down before nightfall.

“It doesn’t have to be a big pomp and circumstance thing as long as it is done according to the flag code.” Golden said. “If its not feasible to do the lights, then arranging what should be done properly to be respectful of the flag is where I’d like to see it go, and I think that everybody would be pretty receptive of that.”

Story by Matthew Brewer