Bellevue Bistro serves up quick, delicious lunch

If you’re looking for a quick, off-campus lunch at an affordable price, try Bellevue Bistro.

Bellevue Bistro is conveniently located on Fairfield Ave., in the business district of Bellevue, Ky., a short drive from I-471, and offers unique breakfast and lunch dishes at affordable prices.

The bistro does not offer a parking lot, but even at lunchtime a curbside parking space is never far away.
The service was fast as a waitress approached the table right away to take drink orders. The drink menu includes bottled beer, coffee, hot tea, iced tea and a drink called “The Bomb,” which the waitress explained is composed of raspberry flavor, tea, and lemonade. Drinks were quickly delivered and the restaurant makes sure to give the appropriate time for guest to look over the menu before ordering.

The lunch menu offers sandwiches, salads, and soups. The bistro grill sounded very appealing, offering mozzarella, fresh basil leaves, tomatoes and a house vinaigrette, on ciabatta. The waitress also said that The Tuscan is a very popular sandwich. However, the veggie wrap won over all the other options. At $7.95, it was one of the more expensive sandwiches on the menu, but cheese, black beans, brown rice, sour cream, and sweet chili sauce on a whole wheat tortilla sounded too good to pass up.

Overall, the waitress was very helpful and friendly and makes guests feel at home, although she had not been fully trained on the ingredients of every dish on the menu.

In spite of the lunch rush, the restaurant had a very comfortable, laid back feel to it. The walls are painted a warm, golden orange and are adorned by art by local artists. The waitress later told me that the art is provided by a different artist every month, and it is for sale. I also noticed Star Wars kitsch around the room, including a clock on the wall and Star Wars space ships and action figures on shelves and door frames around the room.

The food arrived within ten minutes. Neither accuracy or presentation were compromised in favor of speed.
It seemed like the sweet chili sauce and sour cream would be on the veggie wrap already, but they were served on the side, giving the option to try the wrap both with and without them.

It was excellent either way, and while restaurants often serve condiments and sauces in tiny portions, at Bellevue Bistro it was the perfect amount.

The condiments were not the only thing served in decent portions. The wrap and chips also leave diners feeling pleasantly full.

This restaurant is worth enjoying over and over again. The restaurant is also open for breakfast and offers some exciting options. For those who are not big fans of the morning hours, breakfast is served late on weekends.

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Story by Roxanna Blevins