Major building changes in store for NKU academic divisions

A lack of adequate state funding to build an independent College of Business building will result in a major move of departments throughout the campus of Northern Kentucky University to make room for the expanding program, according to University President James Votruba.

The Haile/US Bank College of Business will move from the BEP building and take over the current AS&T building. Current programs in the AS&T building will move to the current BEP building, with the exclusion of the College of Informatics, which will move into the newly-constructed Griffin Hall. The Kentucky Center for Mathematics and developmental math will also move to BEP. Both AS&T and BEP will be renamed following the moves.

The Haile/US Bank Foundation donated a $15 million gift based on a goal of developing an independent building for the program, but Votruba said that the additional funding needed to complete the project from the Kentucky Legislature is not expected to be provided during this decade.