New roads coming to campus

Two road projects that directly affect NKU will start in the near future. Both roads will change the look of the campus.

Next spring the State Transportation Cabinet project is expected to start a road project around NKU’s campus. The project includes repairing and realigning Johns Hill Road.

The new Johns Hill Road will be three lanes, including a lane that will sometimes be used as a turn lane. There will be a bike lane and a sidewalk on both sides.

The project also includes expanding University Drive to Johns Hill Road and connecting the two with a round-a-bout. The construction will affect students coming and going from campus.

“They say traffic will be maintained throughout construction,” said Mary Paula Schuh, Director of facilities management and campus and space planning. “We will work to keep students and faculty informed about delays due to construction.”

A major federally-funded road project may start in 2012. It will be called Connector Road, and it will begin at University Drive/Three Mile Road and run all the way to the AA Highway. The north section of the road will run from University Drive to Johns Hill Road on the outer edge of NKU’s campus and is expected to take 18 months to complete. It will be three lanes wide with a bicycle lane and sidewalk. The purpose is to get traffic out of the middle of campus and Kenton Drive.

“You won’t be sitting on traffic in Kenton Drive and will be able to drive faster because you won’t be stopped by pedestrians,” Schuh said.

The new road will cause changes on NKU’s campus. Seven hundred and fifty parking spots located on the edge of campus will be demolished. Also, the new road will increase the speed of traffic. The speed limit will be set at 45 mph.

“There will be inconvenience due to the construction, but I believe it benefits us in the long run,” said Student Government Association President Kevin Golden. “It is a positive move making the middle of campus a pedestrian zone only.”

Story by John Minor