Students legally bust pumpkins on campus

Students gathered to participate in the pumpkin bust outside the Herman Science Center beneath an overcast sky Oct. 12 to, of course, smash pumpkins. But students also participated in many other activities during the annual event.

The bust has been modified over the years and this year also saw its share of modifications. One of those changes was to shorten the event, but students still had ample opportunity to compete against one another.

Josh Gruenke, student life coordinator, said they had 30 teams register for the event with eight students per team. The teams went head-to-head in events such as pumpkin pie eating, tug-o-war, a costume contest and the pumpkin throw.

Some students came as spectators while some came to participate with all the competitive spirit they had, like Sarah Napier, a freshman theater major.

“I have a competitive nature and wanted to support Theta Phi Alpha win,” she yelled as she hurriedly ran to the tug-o-war competition.

The costume contest allowed the students to judge for themselves who would be the winner. The costume designs were as varied as the student population of nearly 16,000. Some of the more notable entries included: a gorilla, Lady Gaga, a shark and some which were indiscernible. SGA had Nathaniel Burton in front of the gathered students wearing all of, or the lack of, clothing needed to take a shower.

It seemed at one point Barton may be the best dressed for the weather. Although it didn’t rain on the event this year, inclement weather has hit the festivities before. In an effort the avoid the snow or rain which developes heavily later in autumn, Gruenke and the Activities Planning Board moved the pumpkin bust up two weeks this year.

As the afternoons events winded down, students shuffled to their cars or dorms, some with pumpkins in tow to eat, carve or do whatever else it is college students do with pumpkins.

Story by Vern Hockney