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SGA looks to create consensus on campus rec

When all else fails, study. That’s what the Student Government Association is proposing to the Northern Kentucky University administration as it continues to try and build consensus on what is the best option for improving intramural sports and campus recreational facilities to meet the needs of the growing numbers of students taking advantage of both. Meanwhile, the issue of improving meal plans and increasing meal transferability is being considered again and members are being asked to consider ways to make the campus safer.

University Improvements Committee Chair Michelle Forlenza introduced the first draft resolution this semester asking for a “collaborative explorative (sic) study of an expansion to or construction of a new campus recreation center and intramural facilities including cost and potential methods of payment.”

The resolution cited 12 paragraphs of rationale behind conducting the study, including that 51 percent of NKU students use the center, the fact that facility was built several years ago when there were substantially fewer students enrolled and the plan to destroy several of the intramural fields for the new campus road project beginning in the summer of 2011. The revised resolution is expected to state that more than 3,000 students are participating in intramural sports on campus. It ends by stating: “the Student Government Association requests a comprehensive study to be completed in regards to the expansion or building of a new Campus Recreation Center in a timely manner.”

Several members weighed in on suggestions of how to improve the draft resolution before passing it and submitting it to the administration. However, none of the members objected the purpose behind the resolution during the meeting. The resolution will be revised and brought before the SGA for a second reading and vote at next week’s meeting.

Dean of Students Jeffrey Waple advised members to “ensure that students have a voice in what this building,” and to look at whether or not they want to suggest a change to expand space to meet the current student body of nearly 15,600 students or to spend more and make it big enough for anticipated increases in student enrollment.

“It would be wrong for us as an administration to keep you out of it and just build a steel building with a basketball court,” Waple said.

SGA Senator Holdan Markland updated members on a project the Finance Committee is addressing on improving campus meal plans. Markland said he wants the committee to not focus so much on changing the current meal plan system, but rather making students feel better about it.

“If we stress what (meal plans) are worth and (focus) less with what they are spending for it it would make them more happy with their purchase,” Markland said.

A campus safety walk is planned for Oct. 13. Students are invited to participate in the walk designed to assess safety concerns throughout the campus. Some items on a list to be considered for review include elevators, call boxes, stairways and lighting.

Only four applications for the vacant senate positions were submitted. SGA members received copies of the applications for review today. David Bonilla, a freshman; Ali Hedges, a freshman; Emily Parker, a senior; and Benjamin Romito, who did not list his class standing, are being considered. Hedges works as a photographer for The Northerner.

SGA has not decided to appoint a liaison for Black United Students. However, representatives from the organization decided to attend the meeting and to offer the organization the opportunity to partner with it during open session. The liaison positions that have been created this year for NKU Norse athletics and the International Student Union have not yielded attendance from either constituency.

Alexandria Fairbanks and Christian Smith shared with the student governing board the success of their recent movie week, their plans to attend the National Black United Students Conference and invited them to participate in the next BUS general meeting.

Story by Jesse Call