Strategies for success

The Student Government Association welcomed information technology leaders to its Aug. 23 meeting, but members also discussed getting students involved with SGA and how to develop an image as a well-known and approachable organization.

Ken Rhee, the faculty member who heads the committee overseeing campus technology, invited students to get involved in contributing ideas concerning how to increase participation in online evaluation processes. Rhee said he has seen a significant drop in participation of 50 to 60 percent since the switch to the online system. Members shared concerns with Rhee that the reason many students do not complete the online evaluations is because of time constraints. If SGA’s suggestions are adopted by university administrators, students may have a longer period of time to evaluate their professors, possibly through the final exam period.  Rhee admitted that extending the period would be an uphill battle because much of the faculty fear that students will evaluate, but only based on the difficulty of the final examination.

A more straightforward way of addressing student concerns is among the changes the new SGA administration said it seeks to achieve.

The Student Concerns Committee, established towards the end of the spring 2010 semester, has been abolished in an effort to make sure the entire SGA body is making efforts to be aware of, and address, all student concerns, according to SGA Vice President Danielle Hawks. The committee was originally created following a series of impeachment trials and internal issues, such as revising the Student Government Constitution, which occupied much of members’ time and energy. The committee solicited issues directly from students, and took on basic student concerns including the rising cost of on-campus food, campus traffic flow and student engagement.

“I urge each and every one of you to reach out to the student body,” Hawks said to  SGA members.

Sunglasses, pens and pencils have been purchased by SGA in an effort to raise awareness, according to Secretary for Public Relations Mike Johnson. He also encouraged all SGA members to attend as many Welcome Week events as possible.

The organization is supposed to have representatives from the Residential Housing Association and the Salmon P. Chase College of Law Student Bar Association give reports to the senate at the weekly meetings, but neither was present the first week. SGA President Kevin Golden said efforts are also underway to appoint liaisons from NKU Norse Intercollegiate Athletics and the International Student Union.

Golden nominated several individuals for appointment to SGA’s vacant positions, all of which were confirmed unanimously by the Senate. Jamie “JR” Hazenfield was appointed as legislative liaison and Shauna Prentice was reappointed as chief justice of the Judicial Council.

Committee chairs were also appointed during the meeting: Michelle Forlenza, University Improvements Committee; Paul Bell, Student Rights Committee; and Chad Howe, Finance Committee.

Dean of Students Jeffrey Waple announced that Josh Gruenke, a student life coordinator, will join the team of advisers for SGA.

Story by Jesse Call