Man with gun was federal agent

Northern Kentucky University police searched for a man who reportedly had a holstered weapon Thursday. The man was later identified as a federal agent.

Chief Harold Todd of the NKU police department said a student notified a physical plant worker of a man walking through Kenton Garage with a holstered weapon Thursday morning. Todd said he received the call about the sighting at 10:26 and sent a Norse Alert to inform campus members at 10:31.

The police department identified the vehicle from a description the reporting student had given them, and ran the plates. Todd said the plates came back to the Secret Service.

After contacting the Secret Service’s field office in Cincinnati, Ohio, and confirming they had an agent at NKU, Todd said he sent another Norse Alert to inform campus members the man was a federal agent at about 11:25.

Since there was only one report of a man with a gun, Todd believed the student saw them while getting out of their car without their suite jackets on, which would have concealed the weapons.

Story by Vern Hockney