Views from around the globe

Khadejah Mutaha

It’s difficult to live in a state which is always exposed to the dangers of deadly weather and bad communication with people.’ In addition, you can’t communicate with people in Florida unless you speak Spanish.’ You will probably need to learn how to speak Spanish if you live in Florida.’ That’s why my family and I moved from Florida to Cincinnati for these factors:’ hurricane, hot weather, and unfriendly people.

The first reason is that hurricanes and hot weather are two of the costliest natural disasters in Florida.’ These natural events can become natural disasters if they negatively affect people and their property.’ More and more people are being affected by violent natural events because the population is increasing in areas where these events are most likely to occur.’ For example, the temperature in Florida is often in the high 90s and sometimes 100s.’ On the one hand, the hurricane’s damage to the city was in terms of people forced out, economic loss, and lives lost.’ On the other hand, hot weather causes distress and pain, makes people unhappy, makes the body shut down, and causes skin diseases.’ The hot weather causes animals and plants to die.

A second reason is in general people in Florida aren’t neighborly and are unfriendly.’ In Florida, we couldn’t find native-born Americans.’ We only found tourists.’ It was difficult to find someone who spoke English.’ I had to speak Spanish because most of the people are from South America.

Fortunately, now we are safe in Cincinnati and happy because the weather here is incredible, and also the people are very friendly, so that my family and I like the life in Cincinnati better than in Florida.

Yoko Turner

I like American food:’ steak, Mexican food, barbecue, American traditional food.’ Everything is so tasty.’ But the quantity is too much.’ When I order a small sandwich, it is the same size as the Japanese large size.’ So I can’t eat the whole dish.’ And when I order something at the restaurant, it is difficult for me because I have to choose sauce and a side dish and so on.’ The restaurant should have a small size menu because I don’t like to eat too much.’ It makes me sleepy and fat.’ If I have leftovers from my dish, I never eat them later.’ So that is a waste.’ If I can get the small size, I can save money and food and calories.

I like the American style home.’ It is very cute and pretty.’ I live in a detached house with a garden now.’ At first, I was surprised because the house has a basement and a garage and a large garden.’ And also very large trees are in the garden.’ But I don’t like it when people wear shoes inside of my house.’ I can’t understand this situation at all because I want to distinguish between inside and outside.’ Also, I was surprised that people usually park the car on the side of the road.’ I was thinking, ‘Why do people who have a large garden and garage park the car on the public road?” These cars sometimes are in my way.

Oleg Osadchyi

I live in America. I love Americans. They are Cheerful, polite, vulnerable, similar to children. However, if you invite them, they don’t come. Someone will be afraid. Work occupies all the time from morning until night. They don’t have days off or know how to use them.

Houses in America are made of cardboard. You can knock your foot through a wall. Try to hit a wall in Ukraine and you will break your foot. I don’t know what walls here are made of, but I don’t recommend knocking. A wall crash is likely. But indoors all is made beautifully.
In America nobody can repair anything. Here it is more expensive than to buy something new and people throw out almost new things. And here people throw out clothes. And sometimes arrange sale of things ‘- garage sales they are called. Such an idea ‘- people buy a bunch of things, litter the houses, then clean hard in the house, then arrange the sale of these things right in front of the house, usually on Saturdays. The price is purely symbolic price. I adore garage sales.’

I have understood that in America the most important thing is not to hesitate to ask questions. It has begun with the moment I first arrived at the American airport and wished to leave my bags.

With English pronunciation it is necessary too be careful, especially with Americans. They will listen, agree, pretend that they understand everything, and then ask a question so you begin to understand that they didn’t understand a thing you told them.

Siraj Afeef

Let my love open the door.’ I guarantee we’re able to own everything, but not love.’ Obviously, anything we love for ourselves should be loved for other people too.’ Love has many effects because it’s a benefit for great relationships, and the other effect is it makes people happy.

Love’s benefit is for the greatest relationship.’ It’s being friendly, and never ever hurting others as well.’ We need to be honest, and have mercy with each other all the time.’ We need to have the greatest heart ever.’ However, it’s difficult for us to have that, but we should hold our feeling and control our temper while dealing with each other.

The other effect is that love makes people so happy.’ Of course, money doesn’t make people happy.’ I swear there’s nothing that makes people happier than love.’ Love isn’t only for humans, but for every single growing thing such as animals, flowers, fish, and birds.’ Many people have great happiness, so that they will probably stay on the right track.’ A few kinds of terrible people probably won’t have happiness, but they won half the world.’ These kinds of people have missed the greatest thing in the world and in their life as well.

Overall, we can get anything.’ We can buy the most expensive thing, but we can’t buy love and happiness.’ If all countries had a great relationship, they wouldn’t have war.’ If wars were never fought again, the world would be a much better place.’

Yacoub Sidiya

When you leave all of your life with your family and one day you have to leave it that is not easy. However, when you have a chance to study outside of your country, don’t think about it, just do it. That is my advice for you. I got a good experience after I came to the US. The first thing is learning another culture. Everything is different from my culture. The second thing is friends. I made many friends from different countries. Also, I learned about these countries. Finally, I learned a new language and that is a very good thing. However, I had a difficult time and situation, but that encouraged me to depend on myself and get this experience.

Fahad Aldreihem

It`s hard to be an international student. I remember what I felt when we arrived to Washington International Airport. It looked very strange.’ The weather is different, the people are speaking another language. And we had just arrived from a long flight.

We were tired and feel confused. We were culture shocked. We tried hard to finish the Customs Procedures and think about the next flight to Cincinnati.’ When we arrived to Highland Heights we went to a close hotel and we took a long sleep.’ In that time many questions were in my mind, like how I can rent an apartment? how I can’ go to the university and back to home? how I can open an account in some local bank?

And a lot of questions like that. We couldn’t rent a car because we didn’t have an American or an International License.’ So we couldn’t shopping or visit another place because we couldn’t go out far from Highland Heights. We knew taxis would cost a lot.

In the winter break we stayed at home for 13 days. You can imagine how the feeling is about that: we couldn’t do any thing except just watch T.V and use the Internet for the whole b

If we want to speak with some body and try to explain some idea we try hard to find word, but we can’t and then we felt depressed.

After two months we felt a homesick. Especially when we talked with our family, we missed our family, our friends, our food, and our life style. Day after day that feeling has gone and we are accustomed the American life. To be honest, American people are very friendly, helpful, and patient.’ If we talk with someone and we try to explain our idea and they try to help us, so we aren’t shy.

I would like to thank the American people for their appreciation and love for us, and I wish for them more success and peace.