SGA’s new leaders announced

Members of student government gathered around the SGA office on the night of April 1. Ten tense minutes passed before the results were posted for the candidates to see. The students most stressed were, perhaps, the candidates running on the presidential tickets.

Immediately after posting the results, it became apparent that Kevin Golden and Danielle Hawks had been elected president and vice-president, respectively. Equally disappointed was candidate Leigha Phelps, who lost the presidential bid for a second time in as many years.

here was no question who students felt would best represent them as exactly 100 votes separated the two slates.

President elect Golden hopes to go on a retreat after the spring semester is over to ensure that the new senate, executive council and judicial council are cohesive.

Golden also wants to continue gaining presence on campus for SGA even though SGA has had problems in the past.

‘We have had kind of a rough year, so it’s about communicating to students and letting them know we are a voice for them to the administration and we’ll stand up for their rights and stand up for their concerns,’ Golden said.

Golden and Hawks provide the opportunity for SGA to go in a completely new direction or to remain as they are now. Next year promises to be full of surprises as a new administration takes office and as the body faces the possibility of a new constitution.

Other members of the executive council include: Dustin Robinson–secretary for student involvement, Mike Johnson-secretary for public relations, Jeremy Moore-secretary for administrative affairs. Only two senate candidates and one judicial council candidate were not elected. For a complete list of next years SGA members and vote counts, visit

Story by Vern Hockney