SGA to advocate Campus Recreation Center changes to administration

Leigha Phelps presented a roughly five minute video the University Improvements Committee had worked on concerning issues with the Campus Recreation Center.

The video was a compilation of student interviews from a focus group, quotes from CBS and CRC reports.

Phelps and her committee intend to give a packet to administration for review. The packet will include student surveys, a resolution from SGA with recommendations, notes from the focus group and a copy of the video. Not all parts of the proposed packet are finished yet.

SGA announced that elections will be open from 7 a.m. Wednesday to 10 p.m. Thursday. Students can go to to vote any time the polls are open.

Danielle Hawks announced that SGA has extra money left in the budget and she is looking for projects that need funding. Some ideas Hawks proposed: a new computer for the Secretary of Public Relations, flash drives, SGA bench in the free speech zone and a table or tables during finals week to provide students with supplies they may have forgotten.

Dean Waple suggested SGA may also want to consider carrying the balance forward to next year and reallocate the funds to help student organizations. One fund Waple proposed was the legacy fund.

SGA also read the fee board resolution for the second time. The resolution presented extended debate and was tabled without being approved. The body voted to open discussion concerning proposed amendments to the constitution. The constitution will be read and discussed in sections with a final reading and then a vote in a few weeks. The proposed changes to the SGA constitution would have to be voted on by the student body before it would take

Story by Vern Hockney