SGA looks at funding improvements to the College of Health Professions

SGA began their second meeting after spring break through a video-Skype conversation with Kentucky Senator Katie Stine, who represents senate district 24, discussing the lack of funding for NKU in a house bill that recently cleared the house. Part of the funding cut from the bill included money for the proposed Health Professions building.

Denise Robinson, dean of the College of Health Professions, followed the video conference by addressing SGA on the importance of the new building and what it would bring to campus. She said that without the funding provided in the bill, construction on the building may not happen or may be stalled.

Robinson also said the new building would help alleviate the space problems facing the college now. In the past, the college has had to turn away as many as 300 students due to space limitations.The new building proposes to have 10,000 to 12,000 square feet of hospital simulation space which will allow realistic and sophisticated training of students in the college.

SGA also read the student fee board allocation resolution for the first time. The resolution stated that currently the fee allocation board received 0.00321 percent of the university budget for fiscal year 09- 10.

SGA proposes in this resolution that the amount be set at 0.0033 percent of the total university budget each year. It should be noted that due to a computational error in the bill the actual percentages would be 0.321 percent and 0.33 percent using the numbers contained in the resolution. President Keith Kaseke said the error would be fixed.

Story by Vern Hockney