Geneds again

The SGA meeting on March 1 consisted mainly of a presentation by Debra Meyers, Faculty Liaison for General Education, about the new GenEd system and how it will impact students.

All current students will be transferred into the new system this fall, which focuses on five core competency areas: critical thinking, perspectives, communication, science and technology, and personal responsibility and community.

Meyers said that everyone with the exception of some seniors will benefit from the hour reduction present in the new system.

Old classes have been mapped into the new system. What that means for students? Pat Moynahan, Vice Provost of University Programs, said that this meant if students took a GenEd course that is no longer offered, they will still receive credit under the new system.

This ensures that students do not lose credit for courses they have already completed.

For more information on the new GenEd system, Meyers said to visit and look for a new degree audit option in the My NKU system. This application will allow students to see how thier classes transfer into the new system. The application should be available later this week.

Also announced at this meeting was that election packets for SGA are now available and are due on March 22.

Story by Vern Hockney