Lacking student diversity

Where is the diversity? If Greeks are the only people joining the Student Government Association and other groups, then there isn’t a real student voice being heard. Take the aforementioned SGA, the majority of student government members are Greek. Now, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it only allows for a very tight-knit group to have say over issues that affect the rest of the student population.

That leads to the question: does one have to be Greek to join SGA? Some might say yes but actually, in my eyes, no. Being Greek should have no affect on whether a person should or shouldn’t be in a group organization.

Conformity is dangerous because it destroys the idea of the individual. And isn’t that what college is all about – finding one’s self and being an individual? But when freshmen first get to college, they flock to Greek life because that is the ‘norm’ portrayed in movies and television. There is more out there but the blinders are put on as soon as that freshman foot touches campus.

But back to the issue at hand – Greeks in organizations.

I think the fact is that not every student knows about campus organizations and what is going on within said organization, including SGA. That also plays into the fact that SGA and other organizations don’t work at attracting the average student. There has to be some effort to get students involved, or run the risk of getting people with the same views in the group. A group full of Greek life is a perfect example of that recurring trend. Having the same people with the same views is driving away from the idea of diversity and being challenged by something different. Conformity – thy name is Greek life.

Now being part of Greek life isn’t all bad – they do contribute to the community and give back to those in need. Aside from that, what else is there? Bags and shirts with Greek letters? I’m not one of those people who say being in a fraternity or sorority is paying for friends, but something else happens: once someone is in a frat or sorority they began to drift into a world full of the same people, leaving those not in Greek life by the wayside.

Joining a group like a fraternity is destructive to one’s individuality. The definition of conform is ‘similar in form or character.’ Walking around campus, similar forms can be seen; all of the Greek letter bags and T-shirts are similar in form. Similar characters can be seen as well – physically speaking. I would rather save my breath on this issue because that would lead me on a wasted tirade. The evils of conformity are everywhere and they can be seen walking around Northern Kentucky University.

In SGA, there is a strong Greek life presence, meaning similar form and character from members. I am not one to say that is good or bad, but not having a different voice and opinion is most certainly a bad thing. Really, I think a different voice and opinion scares some of the people in SGA and it scares some on campus. Diversity – thy name is unknown.