SGA Update

Five senators were sworn into SGA on Jan 25. They were Amber Billiter, Lauren Johnson, Adam Acree, Andrew Cambell and Brad Bastin. Brian Bailey was also sworn in as a member of the Judicial Council. Chad Howe was appointed to the Students Rights Committee Chair position.

SGA also played a game called ‘The Great Debate.’ This game was intended to be an icebreaker exercise, however it divided the senators into for and against categories. Questions ranged from-are you for or against Obama? Are you Pro-life or Prochoice? Are you for or against the Iraq War? Most senators readily separated themselves, however few were willing to pick whether they were for or against the War leading to the question being thrown out as too controversial.

The next few meetings of SGA promise to be full of debate and of interest to students. Next week Dean Jeff Waple is expected to give a presentation looking at revising the student code of conduct. On March 1, university administrators will be present to talk to SGA about possible fee increases. Both of these topics have the impact to dramatically affect student life.
President Kaseke also announced that SGA had numerous resolutions that will be discussed and read in the meeting next week.

SGA encourages all students to be present at SGA meetings to stay informed of what is happening on campus and to voice their opinions on legislation that is before SGA. SGA meetings are held every Monday at 3:30pm in SU 104.