myNKU offically launched for fall

NKU has undergone a puberty of sorts – a new demand from applicants, a new Student Union, new Bank of Kentucky and now a new Norse Express.

Like many changes the university has faced, this one was inevitable: ‘NKU’s old system was becoming obsolete, the software company which produced it wasn’t going to support it.’ The university had to do something that would allow it to grow into the future,” said Meredith Brennan, project manager IT- PRISM Project.

‘The administrative system purchased that runs myNKU was selected because of its growth potential,’ contributes Doug Wells, associate director of information technology. ‘The system, will of course, be updated with changing technologies, upgraded for new standards and continued to be enhanced with new options for the University, however the core back end system is expected to last for many years in the future.’

MyNKU is Northern’s attempt at creating a Web site that is more user friendly, ‘more robust, a more streamlined process for departments to share information,’ Brennan added.

In the past if a student had a problem they could be referred to many departments before that issue could be resolved.’ Now with the new system, there will be a ‘core administrative system, that every department can view, making it easier for student issues (i.e. registration holds) to be resolved in a timely manner’ summarized Brennan.

While this Web site cannot replace human error (i.e when a student has multiple advisors and as a result receives conflicting advice), it will alleviate the issue of lack of information.’ Every advisor, department, professor should be able to access the same updated information.

‘Some of the enhancements we have had positive feedback about are: students enjoying the course registration shopping cart because it’s similar to the online shopping environment (, eBay, etc.). From the registration cart, students can use the ‘one-click registration’ option to conveniently register for all available classes within the cart,” Wells noted.’

With the ever present threat of identity theft, students can worry less because ‘there is a Secure login without the use of the Social Security Number,’ Wells said.

‘ Also, as many NKU students know when the need to login arises so does the worry that a student will be met with the phrase ‘site closed for maintenance’. However, ‘there is increased access and less downtime to the system for students and faculty; myNKU is available almost 24/7,” Wells stated.

As for future changes to myNKU, Wells said they ‘plan to increase processes delivered online, students will soon have the ability to initiate the processes for requesting special course approval, change of specialization and change of program online through myNKU.”

Norse Express will be slowly phased out,’ ‘pieces of the Norse Express Web site will be shut down, and eventually it will be in view only mode.’ View only mode would allow offices to view any remaining information,’ Brennan indicated.’

MyNKU is a result of NKU’s rapid growth. Brennan compares the old Norse Express to an iPod, when its first bought it is the latest and greatest, but within a few years, the model is outdated and no longer viable.’

If you will: Norse Express is an iPod shuffle; while is an iPod touch.