NKU forced to reject students

With nearly a 40 percent increase in applications received so far in 2009, Northern Kentucky University is reevaluating the way new students are admitted.

According to Joel Robinson, the associate vice president of enrollment management, NKU has already enacted an ‘assured consideration deadline’ of June 1, 2009. He explained that any student who applied after that date may be denied admission based solely on capacity.

‘I expect that for the first time in the university’s history we’ll have to turn away students who are otherwise qualified for admission,’ NKU President James Votruba told students, faculty and staff at the Spring Convocation held April 15. ‘I believe this university can grow, but we’re going to need to be funded to grow.’

Robinson explained that the ‘combination of high demand from new students and limited capacity is creating a real challenge for NKU.’

To help combat this challenge, university officials are looking at ways to enhance admission standards in the future. One of the ways Robinson said is being considered is limiting the number of students admitted with remedial needs.’ Other options include implementing a waiting list and moving up application deadlines.

Under current admission standards, students are admitted into one of two categories: regular admission or admission with conditions. Students who are granted admission with conditions may have course load restrictions or cannot immediately declare a major.

To have restrictions, a student must show one or two areas of academic deficiency. If someone has three or more areas of deficiency, they must have ‘very strong grades,’ complete a 5-week summer academy or they are denied admission to NKU.

Robinson said NKU has not yet determined how many students will be impacted by the limitations on enrollment. University officials are currently studying the capacity of the university to determine how many students can be admitted based on the number of current students who register for fall classes and the number of new students who confirm their enrollment by May 1.