Evaluations are online

Project deadlines are bearing down and finals are just around the corner as the semester wraps up and there is still one last date to remember for students; May 1.

Friday is the deadline for student evaluations. This semester the university has made a switch to a completely online evaluation process.

‘Technology needs to be embraced by universities, so why not extend that to the evaluations,’ said Dr. Michael McDermott from the Haile/US Bank College of Business.

The bullet points for an online evaluation boil down to three issues. This will streamline the evaluation process,’ it will cut down on paper waste and it will provide better anonymity for the students.

‘I hate it when they use all that pointless paper,’ said Ashley Cook, an undecided freshmen, in reference to the amount of paper the old evaluations used.

‘That’s a keeper to me, it cuts down on the environmental stress,’ said Savanna Emmitt, a freshmen computer information technology major.

To do your online evaluations you must log in at eval.nku.edu. The login process is not to track your information back to you the student but instead to make it easier for the program to list the classes you were currently enrolled in this semester.

According to the frequently asked questions brochure for faculty on the evaluation website, the university believes that students should participate for reasons that are somewhat altruistic and the bribing of ‘bonus points’ in return for filling out the evaluation should not be needed.

The two-page questionnaire is reported to take a matter of minutes. Vague or blank comment sections are considered less valuable or credible when reviewed. The feedback is not viewed until after final grades are submitted and then looked over by the instructor and the chairperson from the department. These evaluations are used in the decision making process for teaching assignments, promotions, salaries and reappointments.

Detailed access to the results will become available on May 12 and any questions on the new online evaluations can be sent to eval@nku.edu.