The Verdict is in: Re-election

The Student Government Association’s Judicial Council has decided that the best way to settle the election is to hold another election.

No time and place has yet been set for when the new election will be held.

In an official statement from the Judicial Council, the reason for the new election is the council felt that candidates Kaseke and Chaney did not do everything they could do to maintain a secret ballot.

The secret ballot is a’ rule in the Spring 2009 Election Guidelines that states, ‘all efforts shall be made to retain the right of secret ballot.’

The election will include all positions: Executive, Senate, Judicial Council and the proposed SGA Constitution will be on the new ballot, as well.

The Judicial Council has proposed to Dean Waple that the election rules and guidelines be revised, so that candidates will be urged to use caution involving the secret ballot.

The Northerner will update this story as more information becomes available.