Kaseke/Chaney named as new SGA president and vice president

The Student Government Elections are in:

President and Vice President: K. Keith Kaseke and Dennis W. Chaney.

Vice President for Student Involvement: Chris Wallace

Vice President for Public Relations: Wade Miller

Vice President for Administrative Affairs: Danielle Hawks

Senate(top 15 elected):

Igor Ristic

Dominique Williams

Joe McGinnis

Austina McCaffery

Chris Tinsley

Curtis Laboiteaux

Christopher James Ruth

Gabriela Castillo

Christian Collins

Bradley Dickerson

Cierra Harris

Yousif Salame

Justin Wagner

Adam Donovan

Jamie Hazenfield J.R.

Judicial Council: Shauna Prentice, Michelle Eviston, and Martin Henderson.

The amendments to the SGA constitution passed.

Story developing.