What we crave…

With all of this money being put into new buildings ‘- the new Bank of Kentucky Center cost $64 million and the new soccer stadium will cost $6.5 million ‘- one may think that there is money for football here at Northern Kentucky University. Why not football? We have basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, softball, golf, tennis and cross country. But where is the football if NKU seeks to be D-I?

With everyone from students to alumni wanting a football team, that is the question on everyone’s mind.

It is an expensive sport to fund, but the BOKC was expensive. The new soccer stadium is going to be expensive. How about the new renovations to NKU that are being planned, aren’t they going to cost a pretty penny?

As a former high school football player and avid football fan, seeing a team here at NKU would mean that this university is taking a step to becoming bigger. I am not the only one. ‘Being part of a spirit group, it would make the entire year more exciting. Also, I think we would have more students come here,’ said Brittany Hall a freshman communications major.

But there are those that feel a football team isn’t in the cards.

‘I feel that if we get a football team it wouldn’t make a big difference in student attendance,’ said Eric Jenkins a junior public relations major, ‘this is proven by the fact we have the women’s national (basketball) champs, yet we still don’t attend the games.’

Picture this: in August turning on the tube and watching NKU take on Eastern Kentucky University or Western Kentucky University. Adding NKU to the mix of Kentucky teams would cause a vast increase in school spirit and student turn out to games.

Football is arguably the most watched sport in America, with 129 million households that watched the 2007-2008 college bowl games. People love watching men beat up on each other and the camaraderie with other fans. NKU is a smaller school than University’ of Kentucky or Louisville but there are smaller colleges that have a football program, like Thomas More for example.If NKU wants to be on the map, then a football team is a good place to start.

Think of all the talent that is’ around Northern Kentucky from Covington Catholic to Conner high schools.

We shouldn’t be forced to watch other schools play, or watch the Bengals foul up another year. Good football could be a reality if put into place here at NKU.