ISU seeing success

The International Student Union,’ composed of international students from all over the world, is working diligently to increase its presence on campus.

The’ success of the group’s’ 18th International Annual Potluck Dinner on April 11 shows its following is increasing. And the potluck represents just one of a few things that the group is doing to show its presence at Northern Kentucky University.

‘This year, what I like about the potluck is that we had a lot of students who participated. Not just performers, but (students) helping organize,’ said International Student Union President’ Tsvetoslava Kariavanova.

The Potluck, the group’s largest event this year, boasted around 320 guests, and’ showcased the many aspects of international cultures that represent the NKU campus.

Each table held a centerpiece representing a different country and in the centerpiece would be tidbits representing the country and its culture. Along with the centerpieces, food also played a role in representing each country. The walls surrounding the Student Union Ballroom, where the event was held, were lined with foods from African cuisine to Indian.

‘When people come here they can get a part of us. They can visit so many countries in a few hours,’ said ISU Treasurer Cellestine Kamau-Cheggah.
The guests were then treated to a talent and fashion show. Groups ranging from’ a hip-hop pair to a dancing couple kept the diverse crowd entertained.
Peter Chileske, social chair for ISU, said that it’s nice a lot of different guests and a couple members of the staff get out. ‘It makes us feel like we are making an impact.’
The potluck dinner is not the only thing ISU has on its plate. In the fall, the group started an International Student Scholarship fund by working at Cincinnati Bengals football games.

‘We raised more money than I was expecting,’ Karianova said.
According to the U.S. Representative to the ISU, Erin Kelley, the group also has a mini potluck in the fall and organizes Culture Awareness week.

ISU also has a few notables among the the group this year. Kariavanova received the Norse Legacy Award on April 6 from the Office of Student Life and ISU member K. Keith Kasecke is running for Student Government President.