SGA: grades for all

As Northern Kentucky University is wrapping up the spring 2009 semester, the Student Government Association is pushing a new rule that would require midterm grades to be distributed to every student.

SGA had the first reading of the resolution recommending the adoption of a policy mandating the distribution of midterm grades to all NKU students instead of just freshmen’ April 6.

‘I think that midterm grades are useful for all students to provide a sense of direction ultimately leading to academic success,’ said SGA President Gabe Cronon.
According to the resolution, ‘freshmen are not the only students in danger of performing below NKU’s expectations, and it would be beneficial for all students to receive midterm grades.’

The resolution states ‘if midterm grades are distributed to all NKU students, it will increase retention rates across the board.’
SGA will hold the second reading of the resolution on April 13.

SGA also voted to impeach Judicial Council member Michael Rerecich.

The reason cited for Rerecich’s impeachment include neglecting his duties as well as not being present for any SGA meetings throughout his term in office. None of the absences had been excused by the SGA advisor at the time the impeachment charges were presented.