Tunnels sought after

Northern Kentucky University has tunnels like those in Vietnam but our tunnels are not so secret.

The tunnels run from the Science building to BEP. But students are not allowed to use them. Why is that? With the horrible weather in Kentucky, it would be great for students to get out of the rain and the snow – that is just in a two-day span here in Kentucky. What is so wrong with allowing students inside the tunnels? Is there some super secret room down there that only faculty and staff are allowed to see? Are the professors running around like the gopher in Caddy Shack, plotting their next move?

All of those could be answered if a simple thing would be done. Students should be allowed down in the tunnels. It would help when it is horrible out and no one wants to be walking outside. Instead of getting completely soaked, students could stay dry while using the tunnels that the university put it in, for a single purpose, to be used.

With all of the buildings going up and the new plans for NKU already in place, the tunnels should be the least of the worries. Are students really going to mess with anything that is down there? From the looks of the tunnel under the University Center, there isn’t anything except some gnarly paintings. Paintings aren’t so important to only let faculty see them.

Students should be allowed inside the tunnels to get around campus. The best example of this is on rainy or snowy days. Instead of having miserable students all day, keep them dry and happy. The tunnels should be open to all, not just faculty and staff.