Letter to the Editor

After reading the March 4 article ‘Short Leash for Paper,’ it saddens me to know that the future for newspapers is grave. I have always enjoyed grabbing the newest issue of The Northerner and being able to see what is happening around campus. It is a place where we, as students, are able to inform ourselves on the issues that directly affect us. It is very important for students to be aware of what is going on with tuition and other decisions that are being made for us.

I wish that everyone could embrace the newspaper community and state their opinions about how they feel about certain issues. I know that every student has an opinion about something that involves school, and I think if they would express their opinions in the paper, we could make more people aware and possibly have more say in the decisions that are made for us.

That being said, I also know that many people are hesitant about expressing an opinion out of fear of upsetting someone. I feel we should be an open community that speaks up when we disagree or feel passionately about something. Mark Payne brings up a good point when asking, ‘If all the news you received was coming directly from the mouth of the administration, would you believe all of it?’

I believe that we shouldn’t believe everything that we are told, and that we should get our information from an unbiased source, such as The Northerner. Can we really complain about what is happening on campus, if we are not willing to stand up and make a change? My hope is that students will feel free to express opinions on topics involving them and help support the university newspaper so that we can continue to do so.