Healthy plan in the works

The Student Wellness center is creating a healthy campus by empowering the students of Northern Kentucky University to live well by participating in the Live It! challenge.

The Student Wellness program at NKU is calling out to all students who want to keep up with their healthy habits or want to start fresh and create ways of living healthy. Maggie Gough, the Student Wellness Manager, attended the Student Government Association meeting on March 30 explaining the Live It! challenge.

‘What is great about this program is that everyone can participate, even those who are already living a healthy lifestyle,’ Gough said.

Live It! is a healthy lifestyle spring challenge that is based on a four-week plan. The challenge begins on April 6 and runs until the last day of classes on May 1.

In order to participate in the Live It! challenge, students will need to form teams of four as it is a team effort challenge. Each team needs to have a name along with an appointed captain who will report back to the Student Wellness center on a weekly basis.

‘The Live It! Challenge encourages students to follow five daily goals that will help them maintain wellness by remaining mindful of those healthy behaviors’ Gough said.

The five activities include taking in whole grains, eating three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit, drinking five eight-ounce glasses of water, sharing gratitude with others, and physical activity.’ ‘

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