Burned body suspect charged with murder

On March 31, the State of Ohio released a review of the Pogue Rehabilitation Center in Over-the-Rhine after two former residents both being charged with separate murders.

Marion ‘Timmy’Lawson Parker III, 28, is one of four suspects, including Samantha Mayse, at the time a freshman at Northern Kentucky University in the murder of Shawn Davis on Jan. 31.

Parker is also being charged in the murder of inmate Issac Jackson, 40.

‘During late Saturday (March 28) night and Sunday morning (March 29) Parker beat and strangled Jackson to death,’ Kenton County Police Chief Ed Butler said.

Butler said that Parker is currently in solitary confinement after the situation

According to Butler, the Kenton County Detention Center’s investigation determines that a there was no pre-existing relationship between Parker and Johnson.

However, Butler told The Kentucky Enquirer, ‘There was some personal issues here in the jail, and that’s what led to this ‘hellip; We just know that Mr. Parker didn’t care for Mr. Jackson a whole lot.’

Jackson’s body was found around 12:30 p.m. on March 29, according to Butler.

The reason for the jail staff not finding Jackson’s body until the afternoon was due to the fact that the inmates do not leave their cells on Sundays.

Before the murder of Davis, Parker went to the Pogue Rehabilitation Center on Jan. 20 according to reports. He left the center on Jan. 24, just days before being involved in the murder of Davis.

Parker, however, was not the only one in the rehab center to end up being involved in a murder.

Anthony Kirkland, 40, is awaiting his fate in the murder of 13-year-old Esme Kinney on March 8, after Cincinnati Police found her iPod and watch in his pocket, according to an article in The Cincinnati Enquirer, March 10.

The majority of the review focuses more on the Kirkland situation and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Public Information Chief Andrea Carson says, ‘the report speaks for itself.’

As far as a trial date for the murder of Jackson, Butler said it could be as much as a month to a couple of years away.