Cincy Museum seeking volunteers and interns

When many recall the Union Terminal, they think of school field trips and family outings to see the newest exhibits, but what many Northern Kentucky University students don’t realize is that the Cincinnati Museum Center offers internships and volunteer positions for almost every educational background.

‘We have hundreds of seniors who lend their years of wisdom and professional experience to educating about history,’ Angie Smorey, director of Volunteer Services wrote in her article,’ The museum also has numerous college students looking to ‘augment their in-class education in any any ‘ology’ you can name,’ Smorey said. Which is where you can come in to join, what Smorey describes as, ‘a literal army of youth who volunteer to develop skills and leadership traits to keep our city thriving.’

NKU History and Geography Professor Rebecca Bailey said, ‘I can say this wholeheartedly – any chance you get to spend time in a professional environment is invaluable,’ said Bailey.’

Even as a business student, Caroline Curtis found a place at the CMC as a Special Events and Exhibits Intern. While Caroline attended Wilmington College, she wanted college students in general to see the opportunities available. ‘I’ve always been interested in museums, and I’ve always been very fond of CMC,’ she said. ‘When I decided I was going to fulfill my passion and dream of working in a museum, they were my first choice because they are so collaborative.’

The museum center bases the opportunities available to you on your educational background and interests, but an idea of the areas of study are: education, marketing, human resources, administration and exhibits.

Volunteers choose the museum and activities they will take part in. Afterward, volunteers are free to change between museums.

Bailey explained, ‘All exemplary models of success throughout human history do what they love. No price tag touches that value on any level.’ This sentiment is echoed by many of the museum staff, such as Scott Gampfer,’ director of history collections and preservation at the CMC. Even after working in Union Terminal for 18 years, he still has days where, ‘I pull up to the building, and it hits me.’

‘(The Union Terminal) is a live, living, dynamic building, not a dead architectural icon. I would never say it has reached its full potential,’ Gampfer said.

Union Terminal has a few simple ways to get involved. By going to, you can find everything you need. This Web site contains information about various volunteering and internship opportunities, and has the application available to print.

While most internships are unpaid, class credit is available.

There is currently only one NKU intern at the museum center. However, Bailey is optimistic, saying that the intern will, ‘ blaze a positive experience trail.’ With these statements, many CMC staff expressed hopes that NKU will be a positive and present force in the future of the museums.

‘Our volunteers are our backbone,’ Smorey wrote. ‘Without their brilliance, their initiative and their thoughtful giving of their free time, this building may very well not be standing today.’