Student faces trial in burned body case

A’ Northern Kentucky University freshman is awaiting her fate in court, after being in the wrong place at the wrong time, according to her father.

Samantha Mayse, 19 faces several charges, including murdering Shawn Davis, after being arrested Feb. 5, according to Kenton County Detention Center’s Web site.’ Davis’ body was found under the bridge on Dodsworth Lane in Cold Spring, Ky., Jan. 31.

For Mayse’s father Carl, Samantha is his little girl and is saddened by the situation that she is in.

‘She came from a good home,’ Carl Mayse said. ‘I can go back to her middle school days and all the teachers there would say she was a person they loved to have in class, a pleasure to teach.’

Samantha’s father also mentioned that she had quite a few friends’ ‘ during school.

‘She seemed to get along with everybody pretty well,’ he said. ‘Samantha was a pretty easy person to get along with. She wasn’t a violent person or anything like that.’

Covington Police Detective Ron Wietholter told a judge Feb. 12 in a preliminary hearing that Davis was punched, kicked, bludgeoned with a toilet tank lid, then pinned down and strangled, according to an Associated Press release.

According to reports, Mayse stayed at the apartment while the other suspects drove off in Davis’ truck to a local gas station. After purchasing gasoline, the suspects took Davis’ body in a trash can and lit Davis’ body on fire. The body was found still on fire under the bridge when Campbell County Police found him shortly after 7:30 a.m. on Jan. 31.

Mayse has also been charged with fourth-degree domestic violence and first-degree robbery.

As for her father, Carl and the family will be taking care of Samantha’s eight-month old daughter Kyleigh. Her father mentioned how busy of a person she was during school.

‘Samantha worked hard when she was in school,’ he said. ‘She even worked two jobs at a time.’