NKU’s students not involved

Student involvement here at Northern Kentucky University, or should I say lack of. The amount of students who are actually involved is miniscule to say the least.

There are 600 students that are involved with fraternities and sororities here at Northern Kentucky University.

Ah yes, fraternities. The place where lost jocks go to find each other while annoying the rest of the campus in the process. And sororities, where the top queens of high school go to mass into one giant mess of make-up and gossip.

But involvement isn’t all frats and sororities. Here at NKU, there are currently 200 active groups and organizations. If you can name it, more than likely there is a group for it. If you are curious about a group or are browsing around, the Student Life Web-site is the place to check out. Every group has their contact information and lets you know a little bit about themselves.

There are so many chances for students to get involved, but not that many actually do. With all of the chances for students to be apart of something, how many can say that they have gone and let themselves be heard, instead of being another sheep in the student herd?

Lack of student involvement could be because NKU is a commuter college. But that shouldn’t change students’ thinking. If you are already here on campus, why not stay a few more hours, on a couple of days, to participate in an event or group?

Students who realize that doing something besides following the rest of the herd isn’t fun. The student who breaks from that herd of typical college groups will have the most fun. Yes, frat and sorority parties are loud and plenty of drinks are there; but truly if a fun time is wanted, take a step away from what movies tell you and take a look at what really is out there.

Take your interests and go to town with the groups that are available here at NKU. Religion, sports, horses, professional wresting, rugby and so many others, there is a group for every student here on campus.

There is so much out there but students don’t notice, or choose not to. The opportunities are there why not take a chance?