Nothing in Moo Moo’s ever mooed

Students looking for something other than a quick burger or some sushi now have 12 new options.

Chartwells, Northern Kentucky University’s food service provider, began offering Moo Moo’s vegetarian cuisine this 2009 semester.’ The new options supply the NKU community with vegan and gluten-free food options.

‘We have been working with our suppliers and with NKU Wellness to get more vegetarian and vegan offerings,’ said Janelle Craft,’ marketing director for Chartwells Dine on Campus at NKU. ‘Once we found this product that does taste great and is high quality, we thought it would be a great addition.’

Michele Rastelli, a Detroit native, a vegetarian began Moo Moo’s Vegetarian Cuisine in January 2005. She began by packaging and selling pre-cooked meals, but has expanded her footprint to include markets, businesses and universities.

The sweet potato wild rice balls, poblano chick patties, sweet ‘n spicy curry tofu, samosa balls and raw almond pichana are all vegan-friendly and gluten free. Noodle-less vegetable lasagna is gluten free and the chipotle black bean burrito is vegan.’ ‘

The vegetarian meals are roasted cashew stir-fry, pacific burrito, Maddelen’s gnocchi, Mediterranean eggplant and zesty lemon pasta.

Moo Moo’s meals are sold in the frozen food section in the Outtakes Store in the Student Union. The meals are $4.99 each and can be heated in the microwave provided in Outtakes.