Stranger or secret admirer?

Have your eye on a special someone, but are too afraid to actually say hi? Have no fear, because Valentine’s Day is your chance to shine. Send him or her those roses, give the biggest box of chocolates your lover has ever seen and the best part, your someone doesn’t even have to know your name.

‘ The creepy factor on Valentine’s Day is off the charts, because there is the possibility of secret gifts being sent left and right; the most popular gifts being chocolates and roses – enough chocolate to make even Willy Wonka sick. Yes, V-Day is a day to be sick- love sick and eat-too-much-candy sick.

Roses are fine, but if chocolates are being offered from someone you don’t even know, a warning light should be going off in your head. Remember those rules your mom told you to follow as a kid? Wasn’t one of those to not take candy from strangers? Sure was, but when that stranger is holding roses, chocolates or a special Valentine’s Day teddy bear, that rule goes out the window.

If someone, out of nowhere, comes and gives roses and chocolates then one of two conclusions should be reached. The first, this person is psycho and there is something in the chocolates. Or this person is really sweet. The latter seems to be the more popular around Valentine’s Day.

What happened when, in elementary school, a paper Valentine was given by a secret admirer? While that was playful and cute, as each little boy and girl grows, so do the creepy gifts. Instead of a paper Valentine that says, ‘I love you’, roses and strange chocolates are sent to women by men they don’t even know. Cute? Maybe. Creepy? Indeed.

Lame, nonsensical poems are often written, and they say only one thing about the writer: I’m a loser. Poetry is great until some love-stricken heart finds out he or she can rhyme love, dove and glove. Like this line of Shakespeare: ‘Roses are red, violets are blue, my love dove was smothered in my soul glove, because I love you.’

Valentine’s Day is all fun and games until someone gets a vial of their stalker’s-I mean admirer’s-blood for a gift. Maybe, this is one day that shouldn’t be so well received, because it is a big invitation for creepy people to send gifts to the unsuspecting.

With all the gifts and love doves being let loose, Feb. 14 is a great day to people watch, because love-struck people are going to be everywhere. It is a day when Cupid is flying around firing his tiny love missiles into the butts of millions across the country. Sometimes his aim is spot-on and other times, let’s just say he could blame it on the wind.

For good or ill, enjoy the show. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.