Rally cancelled, won’t be rescheduled.

The Rally for Higher Education was cancelled on Feb 3., due to inclement weather, and will not be rescheduled.

‘The rotunda is booked and we won’t be able to get another time to use it,’ said Student Government Association (SGA) President, Gabe Cronon.

The trip has been an annual tradition for Northern Kentucky University students, so that they may voice their opinions about student needs. The rallies usually focus around student tuition costs.

The rally, which shows legislators that students from Kentucky care about their education, isn’t the only way that students can voice their opinions.

‘The rally is a kick-off for a few weeks of discussion about tuition costs and budget plans for Kentucky Universities.’ said Cronon. ‘Students still can call their legislators and voice their opinions.’

Students will also have a chance to voice their opinions Feb. 7, when the Northern Kentucky Legislative Caucus visits NKU.

The caucus will be held in the old cafeteria, located in University Center, from 10 a.m. to noon.