Farewell juicy campus!

Let us rejoice, for JuicyCampus.com is shutting down. In the Jan. 29 issue of The Northerner, I brought up the site as a crude display of people and topics. But my gallant words aren’t the reason for the site’s shutdown. No, due to the difficult economic times the site’s founder and CEO Matt Ivester is being forced to close the college gossip Web site.

On their site it says that on Feb. 5, Juicy Campus will no longer be up. Ivester writes that because online ads are declining, he has run out of funding, but I like to think that the real reasons are investigations by the government and many colleges banning the site.

It brings a tear to my eye to see Juicy Campus go. Friday will be a sad day for those who have posted on the raunchy site — but don’t be discouraged. One day, there will be another site to takes its place. And until that site comes, let us have a moment of silence for Juicy Campus. So many memories. Where can I go to find out who wants to punch me in the face now? Where will I turn to check up on the latest drunken frat party? Thanks to the shutdown, I don’t have to worry about those things any more. We can all sit back and relax.

Now this whole ‘shutting down’ could just be a hoax to gain the site more publicity. But for’ good, or ill, for now, this site is gone. Maybe people will begin to speak to one another now instead of going behind’ each others’ virtual backs.

One horrible site is gone. Unfortunately, in its place there will be many more with the same concept.