Zac Collins’ favorite Super Bowl commercial

Let me start by saying that commercials in general are definitely getting out-of-control. With that said, this years Super Bowl commercials were EXTRA out-of-control. I actually found it much easier to come up with a list of commercials I wish I had the good fortune to miss than those I actually enjoyed.

However, I did find at least one that I got a pretty good kick out of, so without further adieu: the Troy Polamalu Coke Zero commercial takes the cake as my favorite Super Bowl 43 commercial.

‘ It was a pleasant twist on the classic Coke commercial with former Pittsburgh great Mean Joe Greene. The commercial was basically a direct replica with Polamalu limping off the field as a fan offers him a drink of his soda. However, unlike the original where Greene throws the kid his game jersey, this moment is interrupted by the familiar Coca-cola employed characters who claim that Coke Zero has already stolen their taste and insist that Coke Zero will not take their commercial too.