Student section lacking students

Breanna Gaddie

The student section at a home game for any sport should be completely full, especially with two nationally ranked basketball teams. So far this basketball season, the number of students attending the games has been a little absent, to say the least.

The fact that Northern Kentucky University isn’t a Division 1 school shouldn’t be a factor in having students show up for the games. I have seen high school student sections with more people than at Northern Kentucky University. What that says about NKU students is left up to the individual. Now, if the commuter students want to just arrive, attend class and then leave, that is their decision. Why not get more bang for your buck by going to a game or two?

There are15,000 students here at NKU. Approximately 1,183 attend women’s games, and 2,349 attend men’s games. Where is the missing link? There should be a better turn out for home games. Heck, we did it for the Louisville game.

Why can’t we do the same for the other games?

The tickets are free, people! And the fact that the games aren’t advertised shouldn’t be an excuse. There is an NKU sports Web site, where, believe it or not, there is a game schedule. So while on Facebook, click on over to the site and check out when the next game will be. There shouldn’t have to be banners hung every time a home game is scheduled. The games are already posted. It just takes a few quick minutes to find them.

Basketball is NKU’s claim to fame. The new Bank of Kentucky Center and the women’s national title win should bring students in for every home game. Granted, NKU is one of the smaller schools in the Tri-state, but that shouldn’t stop students from going to a game every once in a while. We might not play some of the biggest schools, but we aren’t there for the other schools. We are there to cheer on the Norse.

Why wouldn’t you go to a game? Free student tickets and two great teams should be enough to draw more than 2,000 students. Even if basketball isn’t your sport, it is the only thing here at NKU other than baseball. We have got to show our support somehow. Having a roaring student section is the best way to do just that.