Shooting suspect faces trial

A Cincinnati man is awaiting trial after being extradited from Ohio for wanton endangerment in a shooting at Callahan Hall November 12, 2008.

Fairfield Police arrested Timothy A. Stone after fleeing the scene Nov. 13 up in Fairfield, Ohio, according to Northern Kentucky University Police Chief Harold Todd.

‘He (Stone) was arrested for wanton endangerment and is currently awaiting trial,’ Todd said.

As of publication date, the date of the trial is still unknown.

According to the Campbell County Detention Center, Stone is being charged for 1st’ degree and attempted murder.

The incident occurred around 4 a.m. after officers heard about reported gunshots in Callahan Hall. Stone and another man were in a female’s dorm room, when an argument broke out and Stone put a gun to the other mans head. The other man will help the police as

They fought over the gun when one shot went out the window. The three of them panicked and fled the scene. University Police have surveillance of the them fleeing the scene, which kept them from alerting students and staff till later in the morning.

‘During that time of morning there was no one on campus (to alert them),’ Todd said. ‘We had video of the suspect leaving Callahan Hall right after the shooting, so we knew they were not on campus.’

An e-mail was sent to students Nov. 12 around 9:30 a.m. and a flash on the NKU homepage was posted.

The female student has been removed from Callahan Hall. As far as being removed from the university is yet to be known.

Dean of Students Jeff Waple said that the university will not release the name of the student to protect her identity.

Since the incident, the Department of Public Safety has put a video on its Web site on how to handle a violent act like a school shooting.

‘We put this out for the campus community to look at, so they know what to do in a situation like that,’ Todd said. ‘It’s a very good video.’