Legislators to visit NKU

Northern Kentucky University is now the host of the Northern Kentucky Legislative Caucus on Feb. 7.

The meeting was originally planned for the Newport, Ky., city building.

The meeting is being moved because of anticipated public interest, according to the Northern Kentucky Area Development District’s (NKADD) Web site. (www.nkadd.org)

The Web site also states the purpose of the meeting: ‘to provide a forum for constituents to offer input on issues during the 2009 Legislative Session of the General Assembly.’

‘This gives the public a chance to directly talk to legislators,’ said Chris Cole, NKU media relations director.’ ‘A big turnout is expected because of budget cut issues, such as revenue generation, NKU budget cuts, and other services, which will affect a lot of people.’

NKADD advises that if you plan to attend chances of being heard are on a first-come, first-served basis and multiple individuals talking on the same topic may be required to select one spokesperson for the entire group.

In attendance will be Campbell County Representatives Joseph. M. Fischer (R), Dennis Keene (D), and Adam Koenig (R).’ Also attending will be 24th District Senator Katie Stine (R).

The meeting will be held in the old NKU Student Center Cafeteria on the plaza level. (Not the new student union) from 10 a.m. to noon.