Site has juicy gossip

Want to know fraternity secrets? How about which baseball player is the hottest at Northern Kentucky University? Well look no further, Juicy Campus has come to wreck the day. gives students from around the country the opportunity to gossip about pretty much anything. The site, which claims it’s ‘enabling online anonymous free speech on college campus,’ counts NKU among the many campuses. The posts are all anonymous, so no one knows who said what.

Most messages on the site are rude, crude and down right degrading, like ‘people you want to punch,’ ‘easiest girls on campus’ and ‘best place to take a dump.’

After browsing the Web site I became disgusted with its creation and the students who post on it. It is odd to see how people act when an site pops up that allows you to talk about people on your campus.

Students at NKU who post on JuicyCampus should stop because it gives us, and the university, a bad image. Would you want your parents reading what’s on there? What about the alumni who might stumble across this oh so lovely site, what will they think about the students here?

Bashing someone from another sorority or trash talking other students are popular subjects. Why this is becoming popular is beyond me. What is happening to people that we have to talk about someone, not in front of them but on a Web site, and feel better about ourselves.

The Internet was invented to network and talk to people across the world, not to have college students talk about topics that are too nasty to speak of publicly.

Why post when you can just as easily tell them to their face? Anonymously posting cruel, disgusting things about people is the new fad, but this is one student who is not jumping on that wagon.

Leave the gossip to Perez Hilton. The rest of the campus does not need to know about stupid ‘beefs,’ if you will, across campus. This site is leaving a black mark on the campus. Think of the ramifications that could come of posting on JuicyCampus.