Out of Bounds

When my on-air career began in 2005, it came out of nowhere.

A good friend of mine had been in the ear of a local man who owned several radio stations in three different states about a sports show on his Lexington, Ky. ESPN radio affiliate. He got us a demo and three weeks later, I was a guest on the Sunday morning talk show.’ That show became my show a month later and hence, the genesis of my career.

The radio show was the foundation that led me to the real focus of my career — play-by-play.’ At the time I joked with friends that knowing my luck, I’d start as play-by-play announcer for a girl’s basketball team somewhere.’

Not that I had a problem with women’s basketball; I just didn’t see it as the most exciting sport to cover. Not to mention the idea that I, broadcaster extraordinaire, would have to subject myself to girls playing basketball.

And as luck would have it, I received an opportunity with Georgetown College as the game caller for Scott County High School football.’ Two months working at that job got me the chair and position I still hold today as play-by-play announcer for the Georgetown Lady Tigers.

I was right.

No, I was wrong.’ Wrong in every preconceived notion I had about women’s basketball.

Nowadays we get caught up in the athleticism in men’s basketball at every level.’ To me, NBA players are the most athletic group of people on earth. To move and jump with such agility and grace is incomparable.’ However, if you want to watch basketball at its purest form, watch women’s basketball.’ In fact, go see the NKU women’s team.

Coming from someone who had no interest in women’s college basketball three years ago, I will admit, it is fantastic!’ The ladies are the defending national champions, are ranked #1 in the country at 15-0, and blow out teams like the ’85 Bears. Yet, virtually no one has seen them.

This season the attendance at women’s games averages less than 1,000 people a night at the Bank of Kentucky Center, which holds 6,000-plus fans.’

When Georgetown came to visit earlier this year, my mother, who attended the game, said she could hear me announcing from the stands!’ Can you believe that?’ I’ve seen more people at Paul Brown Stadium in January.’ It looked like the cleaning crew was working behind me.

The point is that this team is really good.’ If I didn’t have the job I have, I would be there almost every night.’

They have a star, and I mean star, in Jessie Slack and two legit scorers and rebounders in Cassie Brannen and Brandi Rayburn.’ Karen Brackman, Rachel Lantry and Danyelle Echoles are key players who contribute nightly in what could possibly be a back-to-back championship effort.

They will play nine of their last 12 games at home this season, so I implore you, go!