NkU Group Watches Worldwide Wrestling

The Dungeon Wrestling Federation revels in WWE ‘Monday Night Raw’and ‘Friday Night SmackDown’ while building a community of friends.’

‘Any NKU student that has a passion for watching and supporting professional wrestling can join,’ states Joshua Hawkins, president of the DWF.

‘There is a stigma when someone over the age of 12 says they are a wrestling fan,’ Hawkins said. He added that the group seeks ‘to show people that professional wrestling is not something to be ashamed of and that there are people at the college level who enjoy it.’

Roommates Robert Green and Joshua Hawkins lived on the first floor of University Suites and affectionately nicknamed it ‘The Dungeon.’

They played the SmackDown vs. Raw video game on XBOX and first conceived the name that they later used for the organization.

The DWF started as a growing number of fans who quickly became friends. Janelle Briscoe, secretary, treasurer, and historian doubted when the DWF became an official organization that it would go anywhere. ‘but, I also wouldn’t mind making even more friends who all shared something in common with me and that was watching wrestling. We hang out outside of watching wrestling together, which is a plus. They are like family to me and when you live on campus you need a good group to be a part of it makes your college experience more pleasant.” ‘

DWF has traveled to Indianapolis for Summer Slam. They have gone as a group to Louisville and Dayton for live house shows. Recently, students represented the DWF at a live taping of Monday Night Raw in Cincinnati.

The group has participated in Freshfusion and continues its efforts to increase membership’ numbers.

‘I would love to see the DWF grow into a bigger and better known student organization,’ remarks Hawkins, ‘I see the DWF having a long life at NKU.’ My hope is to keep looking for and finding younger wrestling fans – making the DWF stronger than ever.’