I love you, you’re beautiful, but I’ve got to eat your brains.

I have an obsession; one that seems to be sweeping college campuses across the country, and I’m sure has made its marks here at’ Northern Kentucky University.

It’s a zombie obsession. I love zombies and just about everything they have to offer. Okay, maybe not that much. After all, I wouldn’t want one to come along and feast on me.’ Let’s just stick to movies, books, and comics.

Zombie movies, particularly George Romero movies-‘Day of the Dead’, and the more recent ‘Diary of the Dead’- tend to have some type of social commentary, and usually are enjoyable, and most times down right hilarious to watch.

Books are next on the list. And to tell you the truth I enjoy reading better, so I generally enjoy zombie books more. I’m sure most of you have heard of’ ‘World War Z’ and ‘The Zombie Survival Guide.’ Both, written by Max Brooks, are must haves’ in the zombie collection.

But last, and certainly the best form of zombie medium is comic books; in particular, ‘The Walking Dead.’

‘The Walking Dead’ is a comic based on a man who wakes up in a hospital, located in Grant County, KY, with nobody around–sounds like ’28 Days Later’ , but it’s way better–heads south to find his family. They encounter some incredible triumphs, and some exasperating tragedies. (That’s all I’m going to say, because you have go read these).

The writer, Robert Kirkman, began the series five years ago and has kept it going strong.’ At the end of every comic, Kirkman gives you one picture from the upcoming comic, to tease and torture you for the next month. It brings me back every time, and trust me, if you read one you won’t stop.

I am going to make it a goal to update this blog once a week, with a zombie, movie, book, or comic. So, keep a look out for what’s coming

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