The New Site

Here it finally is. The new northerner site. All this started over christmas break, when I had to train to learn this new site. I thought I had everything down and it was a piece of cake. This, however, proved very untrue over the last two nights, as I begun to actually work with it. I have only slept eight hours combined over the last two nights. (Even when I was sleeping I dreamt about the site). I had to avoid my studies and just work on the site, causing me to wake up early this morning and finish my homework. Then having a meeting with the very patient Lara Hanson, our update guide, for having another review session, so that I could finish putting things up.

I would be crazy to sit here and tell you I did all this by myself. Without the groundwork laid by Amanda Neace the past couple years this site would not be here. Thank you! And Gayle thank you, as well!

I also have to give props to my staff for listening to my profanities the past couple evenings, and to Matt for keeping me company when at 12:30 A.M. this morning this site went crazy. (I gave up and went home at this point).

You will continue to see improvements to the site. Some very intelligent people have graciously agreed to lend their time to future endeavors, and I am looking foward to working with them, and bringing you the best site we can possibly give.

As always, we are looking for people to help with our print and online news team. From, blogging to shooting video, we encourage students to come get experience and lend a hand.

And please feel free to send criticism, we always encourage multiple opinions. Thank you for reading!