Gunfire reported in Callahan

A student living in Callahan Hall let in a friend who was carrying a weapon, police say, and that nearly sparked tragedy as well as sending a single shot blasting through a window Nov. 12.

According to University Police Chief Harold Todd, just before 4 a.m. the female resident opened the door for two friends, one of whom was non-student Timothy Stone. He brought in a .25 caliber pistol, authorities say, with him.

Todd said the woman’s ex-boyfriend entered soon after.

“He tailgated through the door,” Todd said. The ex-boyfriend then went to the student’s room. Todd said he’s heard that the ex forced his way in and that the ex was let in.

“I’ve heard it both ways,” he said.

After entering the room, a “physical confrontation” broke out according to the Northern Kentucky University Web site. Then, Stone allegedly pulled out his gun, Todd said.

“He put it to the boyfriend’s head,” he said. “Then there was a struggle with the boyfriend and Mr. Stone. That’s when the shot was fired.”

Todd said the shot itself was fired unintentionally. Then, everyone scattered.

“They said ‘Oh my god! What happened?” he said. “They took off.”

After receiving the report, Todd said UP rushed to the scene along with several other departments. Within two minutes, according to NKU’s Web site, officers were on the scene.

“We responded extremely quickly,” he said. “Almost the same time we got there, officers from Highland Heights and Fort Thomas were there.”

At that point, he said, police had determined that the suspects, and any threat they allegedly posed, had left campus. That, coupled with the desertion of campus at 4 a.m., led to the decision to not use NorseAlert.

“When I and the University administration first received notification of this incident a NorseAlert was the first action discussed,” Todd wrote in a statement. He pointed out that Callahan residents didn’t have to take measures against any threats, and the rest of campus was deserted.

He wrote that the timing was the crucial factor. “This incident would be have been looked at very differently and a NorseAlert issued had it occurred during the ‘business’ times of the day.”

He also pointed out that an e-mail was sent to all NKU staff, faculty and students.

By 6:30 p.m., Todd said, the suspect had been arrested.

NKU’s Director of Communication Chris Cole said that the security measures, such as cameras at entrances, were critical in apprehending the suspect.

He acknowledged, however, that they have their limits.

“There’s only so much we can do, “Cole said. “The card swipe measures are only effective if they’re followed. We definitely encourage students to not let people in.

“Short of extreme measures,” Cole said, “there’s only so much that can be done.

He said that educational programs are in the works, which Todd also supports.

Todd said he hopes to use the shooting as a training program in crime prevention with University Housing.

Cole acknowledged, however, that NKU is talking about adding certain security measures, such as ID checks and telling Residential Assistants to stop people who don’t look like they live there.

The female student involved in the shooting is facing disciplinary hearings with the Dean of students. Stone is facing charges of attempted murder and wanton endangerment.