SGA advises changes

At its meeting Nov. 17, Student Government brought two suggestions to the table: whether to allow freshman to be represented in the Senate and the option of only having one election.

Chris Ruth, chair of the Ad Hoc Constitution Committee, said the purpose of the discussion was to find a “compromise” in the Senate.

The recommendation of allowing freshman representation brought forth concerns on whether their voice can be heard in the Senate.

Senator Leigha Phelps said “the purpose of SGA is to represent the student body as a whole. I feel like freshman on here would bring fresh ideas that we wouldn’t exactly think of.”

Vice President Melissa Koppenhoefer agreed with Phelps, adding that while she was at Black and Gold Day many prospective students were downtrodden by the thought that they couldn’t run for SGA.

The second recommendation was to only have one election a year.

President Gabe Cronon said if the measure passes the election must be held in the Spring since SGA is mandated to hold its executive board elections during that time.

So SGA then lent its support to the proposal to have 25-5 elections, where five people would be elected in the fall and 25 people would be elected in the spring.

Cronon reminded the Senate that both recommendations are not set in stone, adding that the legislation will be ready to present at the next meeting.