More Weird

Pharmaceutical comapny Pfizer is threatening legal action to an Austrian pumpkin seed oil company that has created a candy called Styriagra, according to Pfrizer alleges that the pumpkin candy is too similiar in name, color, and shape to their Viagra product, and is reportedly aiming for up to $69,277 in damages.

Bernard Wood, of Lynchburg, Virginia, was sentenced Nov. 14 to 6 years of prison after being caught in a string of burlaries, according to Wood had been stealing appliances, jewelry, and tools from several homes, and had also raided refridgerators. Wood was finally caught after leaving an orange juice bottle covered in greasy fingerprints from the chicken he also left at the scene.

Tony Duncan, of Hiland Park, Fla., chained himself to his electrical meter in a last effort to keep his power from being cut off Nov. 14, according to Duncan claims his daughter, who requires a feeding tube and other electrical equipment, would die without electricity. Duncan, who had been out of work for over a year because of medical problems, shortly after recieved an annonymous donation paying for the majority of his nearly $2000 bill.

University of Illinois police found 21-year-old Eric J. Kaminski, a convinced sex offender, living in the UofI library, behind moveable bookshelves. Kaminski was found with a 3-inch folding knife, and a sex offender registration form on his person. It is unknown how he was able to stay undetected for so long.